The 31th International Cloisonne Jewelry Contest (2018) Entry


The 31th International Cloisonne Jewelry Contest
The Japan Shippo Conference, NPO. Juried Exhibition
- 2018 -

The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
April 8- 14, 2018
Organized by The Japan Shippo Conference, NPO
Sponsored by
The Pola Foundation for promotion
  of The Traditional Japanese Culture
The Ueno Royal Museum
Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum

Regulation and Agreement

Eligibility and Format
Enamel works, not only cloisonne but all type of enamel jewelries, completed since 2009.
Entries should be Enamel used Jewelries, like Brooch, Necklace, Pendant, Ring, or Earrings.
Dish, Pot, Box or Paintings, these type of works are disqualified.
The juried show will be exhibited at The Ueno Royal Museum and web site.

Each artists can entry up to 5 entries without entry fee.

February 2, 2018 Entry works should arrive to the organizer, Deadline Final.
March 2018 Jurying. After Jurying, send acceptance/rejection mail to you.
April 8, 2018 Opening reception held at The Ueno Royal Museum
Any entries received after February 2, 2018 will be returned unopened.

Jurors are:
Sekine Masafumi, Japan Jewellery Designers Association vice-president.
Iwata Hiromi, Tokyo University of the Arts School of Fine Arts and Crafts associate professor.
Yohko Yoshimura, President of The Japan Shippo Conference, NPO
No slide Selection. Jurying should be done by actual entried works.

The artist should fill its Insurance Value (not sales price) on the Entry Form.
Sales price should be mentioned another Entry Form and send it to organizer by male, Fax or email.
The organizer will add commission and domestic sales tax for sales price.
Upon artist's request, the organizer will accept not for sale.

Send to
The Japan Shippo Conference, NPO
2-15-19, Sanno, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0023, JAPAN
Phone & Fax: +81-3-5742-1692 e-mail:

Send by
Express Mail Service (Air Mail) is preferable in order to The Customs clearance and reliability
FedEx and UPS are inconvenient for the organizer to make exemption of Import Tax.
Ask your nearby Post Office about Express Mail Service.

Return of Works
The works (accepted or rejected) will be returned via EMS or Air Parcel after the exhibition closed.

The artists shall be responsible for insuring their works to and from the organizer.
Works will be insured by the organizer while on display.

The organizer shall have the rights to use photos of accepted works for publicity purposes.
Works accepted must be left for the duration of the exhibition.

① The artist should enclose two copies of Entry Form and two Photos at each works inside the package.
They are used for the Customs clearance, to identify your works and for making Catalog.
Therefore, every artist should write Number of your works, Title and your Name and direction
(up and down) on the back of each photos. Due to use for Catalog, postcard size photos are welcomed.
Slide photo or photo copy will be passed up.
② When the insurance value is high,there is a case to the customs declaration is required.If you are concerned about it,write the lower price to the entry form and send to write the actual price in another mail,Fax or email.

Exhibitor must first send the following information by January 25, 2018 by e-mail.
- e-mail adress
- sreet address(including postal zip code)
-phone number
-your name
-name of your work

The artist must enclose two copies of this entry form and two photos of works inside the package. The artist should write Number of works, Title and your name on the back of each photos. Send them together by February 2, 2018 (deadline final).
No slide selection. Insurance Value is meant Insurance Value, not sales price. So do not write your sales price at Invoice. Write only insurance value. Unless it risks you to cost high customs tax!!
SALES PRICE should be mentioned another Entry Form and send it by mail, fax or e-mail.
Please write your address clearly, If not, we are unable to send back your works after the exhibition.